We believe that mental health and hygiene should be mainstream, without stigma and a part of everyone's health plan.

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Lack of Treatment

We are making great headway regarding mental health, disorders, diseases and hygiene. These aspects of our health have long been ignored resulting in shame or embarrassment to the point that many do not seek treatment or may not even be allowed to seek treatment based on culture.

Now, as our awareness and demand for programs increases, so do wait times for counseling, groups and programs.

Months can seem like an eternity for someone in crisis or need.

Rollins Scholarship Fund operates to support the creation of programs that improve mental health and hygiene.


Anne Beth Rollins

"In 2020, I began going live on Facebook each morning around 8am to do a live breath work exercise or visualization to help my community have a little structure and calm in an uncertain time. I had intended to do it once, but got a few texts and emails thanking me, and letting me know how helpful it had been. I kept it up for the next week, and more support and feedback came in...so I kept going. I continued Mindful Minutes for the next 14 months.

As May is mental health awareness month, and the month in which I lost my dad to suicide, I decided to run the Boston marathon course, a race he'd run many times before it was mainstream (and there we're no gels or sports drinks!). I wanted to raise awareness, have people discuss mental illness, suicide, and PTSD, but many people wanted to donate money to the cause.

In 2021, I again ran the course to raise awareness as well as funds, and have been joined and supported by many amazing friends and family members along the way. With this support and endless encouragement, I created a charitable organization, Rollins Scholarship Fund, and a run team, Jim's Awesome Run Team, with a mission.

To promote, support, develop and pay for mental health and mindset programs. I believe mental health should be mainstream, without stigma and a part of everyone's health plan."

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